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Remodeling Product Sellers, Media Talk Up Homeowner Tax Credits, Rebates

dollarBack in January, Jamb Sessions previewed the array of tax credits and rebate programs getting into high gear this year for homeowners who make energy efficient improvements to their home or replace outdated appliances.

Now media outlets have picked up the story about the tax credit programs made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Product sellers, likewise, are ramping up advertising to link their products to the programs.

A New York Times business section article published Feb. 13 about the tax benefits raises another  interesting angle—the potential for some individuals to use the tax breaks to offset the 2009 alternative minimum tax (consult your tax advisor for complete details):

“While perhaps appreciating these loftier goals [of greener homes], many taxpayers are also likely to find the potential reduction of their tax bill very appealing.

“Not only do these tax breaks offer bigger savings when compared with those of previous years, but some people can use them to offset the alternative minimum tax [A.M.T.] for 2009. Still, the 2010 rules for the A.M.T. are not yet clear, and it may still be hard to calculate when, or if, an energy-efficient purchase is paying for itself.”

But the more immediate benefits are the tax credits for improvements that make your home more energy efficient.

Pella Windows is just one of many companies running magazine ads and posting Web pages advertising  the tax credit programs made available through ARRA—hoping, of course, that you’ll be enticed to purchase their qualifying products.

Among other programs, a U.S. Department of Energy tax credit of 30 percent—or up to $1,500—is available through the end of this year for switching out aging windows and doors and other parts of your home to make it more energy efficient. But the purchase of additional products—biomass stoves; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems; insulation; roofs (metal and asphalt); and water heaters (non-solar)—might also qualify under the tax credit program.

(See all the details we’ve compiled on ARRA tax credits and appliance rebate programs—with regular updated links to federal contacts as well as to applicable contact information for Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia—here.)

Many other companies besides Pella sell windows and doors that will qualify. Andersen Windows and Doors, for instance, is advertising its EcoExcel window product line tied to the availability of the tax credits, and offers a website with details on the benefits.  Marvin Windows and Doors is another company touting tax credits.

The New York Times article provides a good general overview of the various programs—as does this new website—but use the Jamb Sessions link above to access far more detailed information if you live in the D.C. region.

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